Tuesday, December 20, 2016

NEW ...the Mini Lammert Box

While I absolutely Love our original sized box (interior  12"x 16"), especially for Pastels,  I've grown quite attached to this NEW sized box ( interior 9" x 12")  for painting with oils or sometimes carrying other art supplies.

The box weighs 2 lbs 16 ozs.  A velcro style "book strap" holds the doors closed perfectly.  It is attached at both the top & bottom of the box.  

These photos show my oil set up .  To keep weight of the box light and clean up easy, I use a sheet of Jack Richeson & Co., Grey Matters Paper Palettes. The 9" x 12" size sheet comes in a tablet of 50 sheets & lays perfectly inside the main part of the box .  I have the option of either sitting my mineral spirits to the side or the can hangs from a hook designed for pochade boxes. 

As with the original Lammert box, the right door holds brushes in place while painting or in transit.   Short handled brushes fit wonderfully in this box.

The other day I went sketching with friends with watercolors, sketch book , pencils.....you get the idea.  The Mini box fits in a messenger bag, tote bag, & even in some backpacks for easy transport if you don't want to tuck it under your arm.

 Just like the original Lammert box, our Mini sits on the front two legs of a camera tripod and easily goes on and off the legs by lifting straight up or down.

Our Introductory Price: $80.  
To purchase,
Because this isn't a mass produced item....each box is carefully handcrafted....... please send me an email with "Mini Paint Box" in the subject line and we can arrange for you to pay through Paypal.  Thank You!  ginlammert@yahoo.com