Monday, March 28, 2011

QA Lace 2

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5"x7"  soft (chalk) pastel on stonehenge paper
To Purchase using PayPal:  go to "small available works" on website

I have several more lace paintings coming up.  Now that I'm back painting flowers, I feel even more anxious for late Spring.  I love this time of year and summer (when these beauties are in bloom).  To witness a flower's life cycle is so rewarding to me.  It's still cold outside, but I've managed to play in the dirt already.....planted Spinach.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Queen Anne Lace @ Iron & Lace

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11"x8"  soft (chalk) pastel on wallis paper
To Purchase with PayPal:  go to website  "small available works" page

I took several photos of the lace growing in front of the Iron & Lace Store in Bentonsport, IA last summer.  Betty Printy uses this flower in her signature pottery that is sold there.  Shopping season this year begins April 18th and I will be minding the store 4 days a week this year during open season. (Monday thru Thursday)

I invite all that follow this blog to come and pay me a visit....enjoy the small community and what it has to offer.  Iron & Lace is filled with creative One-of-a-kind Iron work, Pottery, Rag rugs and so much more.  You can learn more about Bentonsport at

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wine with Friends

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16"x12"   Oil on canvas board
To Purchase online: go to website  click "Artwork" -latest work
Price online - $285. (includes shipping and handling) / Hand delivered (within 75 mile radius of Pulaski, IA )  $250.
I plan to have this with me at my next  pastel workshop scheduled for April 30th at Tassel Ridge Winery.    If I still have it in can be seen and purchased at the "Spring Art Market" Art show May 22nd in Valley Junction, West Des Moines, IA. 

I'm having fun adding dimension to the oil paintings I do.  "Layering" the surface gives the work added texture.  Here, the outside raised surface is the actual frame.   I'm including the frame as part of the actual composition in most of the oil paintings I'm doing these days.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Banana Split...another food group"

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Oil on stretched canvas.....24"x36"

This is the last of 3 paintings that are going to be used as back drop images for a children's music production being performed in Bloomfield, IA  April 3rd.  I know one's a challenge for me to not think of sweets (stating again, I'm a Chocoholic :(  )  and wanting to run to the kitchen to eat while working on paintings that focus on food.  So, I'll probably not be painting too many more compositions like this.  Back to flowers, motorcycles, dishes, portraits.....much "safer" subject matter for me to focus on.   BUT....gotta say....this was a Fun project!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sundae Anyone?

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36"x24"  Oil on stretched canvas
Here's the 2nd of the 3 paintings that will be used as back drop for the up coming music production in Bloomfield, IA.  Next is a Banana Split......I'm craving ice cream now.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Oil -24"x36" on stretched canvas Click image to enlarge. hubby shook his head when he saw me painting this subject.  Said I wouldn't be able to part with it since it's my favorite food group.  It's actually 1 of 3 paintings I'm doing that will be "Visual Aids" for a local music production coming up next month.  I'm hoping someone will want this hanging in their home.  I hate the idea of painting over "Chocolate".   But I will if I need the canvas.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Holding Hot Water for Tea

11.5"x8.5"  Soft Pastel on Wallis pastel paper.
To Purchase online using PayPal, go to:   Small Available Works page
This digital image comes close to replicating the original but, by far, doesn't show the blending of colors.  The original is so much more vibrant (alive) I think, and each color makes a smooth transition to the next.  I love working on the Wallis paper because I can layer so many pastels on top of each other allowing them to blend themselves(this is called "scumbling").   The paper is like fine sand paper so using this method saves the skin on my pinky finger(what I traditionally use to blend pastels).

Friday, March 4, 2011

Let's Dance

5"x7"  Oil on panel
Available:  $75. Price INCLUDES shipping/handling. 
To Purchase thru PayPal, go to:  click Small Available Works
  If work is hand delivered,  price is $60.  (I don't charge the shp/hdling fee so please contact me for price change.
Colors here are very close to the original....just the digital camera doesn't capture the detail as well as I'd like.  I'm still experimenting....learning how to best capture the likeness with the camera.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Witnessed Kiss

5"x7" Oil on panel
To Purchase through PayPal, go to:  "Small Available Works" page
I found these dishes sitting like this in an antique store I was browsing through.  What caught my eye was the "gentle touch".