Saturday, November 29, 2014

Painting at the Parlor Art Studio

Here's an overview of how the studio looked today while Jessica, Connie, and I painted at the Herman Greef House.  This is the parlor room transformed! 
The paintings on the walls are original to the home.  The girl portrait was a recent donation to the Bentonsport Improvement Association and is of a family member of the last postmaster of Bentonsport.  

The studio is a "work-in-progress" in that easels will change and I'm building a small platform to put the winged back chair on for days we have a model to sit for us.  The platform will be something easy to dismantle for storage when not in use.

For workshop/classes where we all do a small still life study, I'll have a folding 6ft. table that can be set up in the center of the room.  This should allow for up to 5 people to sit and work comfortably on projects.

Here's the first oil study for the day......and.......

here's the second oil I worked on this afternoon.
Practice! Practice! Practice!