Wednesday, November 25, 2015

At Rest

Oil on 20" x 24" Stretched Canvas

Here's the last of the Civil War themed works that I'm painting for awhile.  I accomplished to get 9 paintings done in the last 3 weeks.  That's a record for me, unless you count the small 6"x 6" daily paintings.  Most of the works I've been showing of late are 20" x 24" in size.  

I've used the same approach to detail in all....leaving them like a "vignette" style where I place no detail in the background, only on what I want the viewer to focus on.  Even that area is created with a "painterly" flare.  

One more thing....I have to thank artist John Preston for introducing me to  the Turquoise color.  I'm using Turquoise Light more and more in shadow areas of my work.  It was used in this painting on the horses.  Absolutely LOVE the color when I'm using earthy shades. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

"Strategy Meeting"

20"x 24" -Oil on gallery wrap stretched canvas

There's actually richer color on the right side of this painting then what this photo shows.  I think I had some glare when photoing the oil. I tried a do over and still wasn't giving the original justice.
 My reproduction skills are still a work in progress.

This is yet another in the Civil War reenactment series. These guys were having their own little "pow-wow" during the fight. eaves drop on the conversation....maybe discussing plans to hit the local coffee shop after they tied the horses up?  Hmmmmm more like  discussing plans  for supper.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Messenger

24"x 20" Oil on gallery wrap stretched canvas

As in the previous works I've been approach to "zooming in" on the focal area is by leaving out all the detail everywhere else.  This almost gives a "ghostly" feel to the people standing before this young man. 
 Because of his youth,not just the bag he's carrying,  he seemed so important at being there right at that moment.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Watching the Battle"

16"x 12" Oil on board

Simple shapes is what this painting is about.  I wonder what they were thinking?.....always questions and those viewing the work can come up with their own answers.

I titled this piece "Witnesses" since they were watching the reenactment battle that was going on to our left when I snapped their photo.  I think I took around 400 pictures that day.  Two of my artist friends were there as well and I believe between the three of us we had over 1,500 snap shots.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

In Charge of Chow

Here's another to wet your  appetite for the coming exhibit in Keokuk, IA.
16"x12" Oil

I've been using artistic license with all the images I took at the last reenactment this past April in Keokuk. By leaving out all the "background noise" in the pictures, I've been focusing on what that moment meant to me......what drew my attention in the first place.

I feel by painting "just that" and using the toned canvas as the background, it gives a sense of movement to the images.    I also see myself coming full circle with creating works that are like vignette's (fading out along the edges of a work).  This was my signature method when creating pencil drawings years ago.  Now I'm applying the same in my paintings.  

Friday, November 13, 2015

Another view.......

Here I was able to get a shot of the painting I posted yesterday but looking straight at it verses the angle.  My friends made comments on the other photo, that it looked like I had "pinned" the bag on the board.  I hadn't noticed that .....the effect being from "spilling" over on to the frame when I paint.

You can better appreciate the loose brush work in this shot.  I have to admit, I had fun painting this one.  Now on to more...more...MORE painting for the show hanging next month.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Buckskinner's favorites!

18"x24" Oil on board + frame

I'll post another straight on shot of this work when I have one.  For now, this shows the finished work on the easel at the Iron & Lace store.

You can see the edge of the photo I was using as reference.  Again, I prefer working from life, but that isn't always a convenient thing for me to do.  So, I'm soooooooo thankful for the digital camera.  I'm discovering my new phone can take some pretty decent shots too.  ( I have a Nikon L830 I carry around too)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"Awaiting Orders"

Mixed Medium - 24"x20" stretched canvas

For future reference, I may have to take pictures of the acrylic wash I apply on the board or canvas before adding the oil painted subject matter.  The strokes of Burnt Umber color in the background aren't all visible here.  They help create the illusion of movement in the painting.  

I rarely paint on a pure white canvas.  I create some color wash and usually paint over the entire surface to cover it.  More  of my work of late seems to include the initial underpainted wash of acrylic or oil showing in the final piece.  Because this one was done with acrylic, and just as much surface shows as the oil paint applied after, I thought I should consider it a "mixed medium" work.

Subject? :  Another photo I took of the Civil War re-enactment in Keokuk, IA this past April.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Among the Smoke

Oil on board and frame....18"x 26"

I'm not very good at "centering" a painting when photoing it.  This is obvious to see when I add the frame as part of the composition.  So, I apologize for the distraction of not getting straight lines here.

That out of the way...... as most my students and friends know, I like adding the frame to be part of the over all composition.  The next several works I'll be showing here will be done in this manner.

In April, I traveled to Keokuk, IA and was able to witness the last Civil War re-enactment  (after 28 years)  and was amazed with the numbers of  participants and size of the audience to this event.  The BOOM of the cannons was phenomenal.  I didn't know what to expect but now I see the draw to recreating a part of history.  I have abundant respect for those that are passionate about doing so.

This month, I'm scrambling to paint as many works with the Civil War theme as possible.  They will be part of the one person show in December at the Keokuk Art Center...hanging in the round room just off from the public library.