Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ah....Looking back.... Summer 2016

While browsing through my photos earlier, I began thinking about what 2017 will hold for me in way of participating in Plein Air events. I came across this photo of being in Corning, Iowa this past summer and had to share with all of you.

Maybe I lingered a bit long studying this shot because it was very hot sitting in the sun while painting and it's now 20 degrees outside.  I suddenly felt warmer sitting by the computer.

  Hmmmmmm, I think I should  get out and work during these cold months so I can "think cool thoughts" when viewing pics come  next heat wave.

I really don't need to look for an excuse to paint outdoors anymore.  I'm hooked to painting "in the moment"!  

NEW ...the Mini Lammert Box

While I absolutely Love our original sized box (interior  12"x 16"), especially for Pastels,  I've grown quite attached to this NEW sized box ( interior 9" x 12")  for painting with oils or sometimes carrying other art supplies.

The box weighs 2 lbs 16 ozs.  A velcro style "book strap" holds the doors closed perfectly.  It is attached at both the top & bottom of the box.  

These photos show my oil set up .  To keep weight of the box light and clean up easy, I use a sheet of Jack Richeson & Co., Grey Matters Paper Palettes. The 9" x 12" size sheet comes in a tablet of 50 sheets & lays perfectly inside the main part of the box .  I have the option of either sitting my mineral spirits to the side or the can hangs from a hook designed for pochade boxes. 

As with the original Lammert box, the right door holds brushes in place while painting or in transit.   Short handled brushes fit wonderfully in this box.

The other day I went sketching with friends with watercolors, sketch book , pencils.....you get the idea.  The Mini box fits in a messenger bag, tote bag, & even in some backpacks for easy transport if you don't want to tuck it under your arm.

 Just like the original Lammert box, our Mini sits on the front two legs of a camera tripod and easily goes on and off the legs by lifting straight up or down.

Our Introductory Price: $80.  
To purchase,
Because this isn't a mass produced item....each box is carefully handcrafted....... please send me an email with "Mini Paint Box" in the subject line and we can arrange for you to pay through Paypal.  Thank You!  ginlammert@yahoo.com

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Titled "Family"

16" x 12"  Soft Pastel on UART paper

Here'so one of the latest commissioned pieces I've  had the pleasure of creating.  The client provided the photo via email.  The challenge was to create depth in the shadowed area of these brothers faces.  

I don't feel I could've pulled  off what I did here without the regular practice of drawing & painting from life.  To clarify . ...to create the illusion of form when a photo shows none.  

Thursday, November 10, 2016

An intimate paint party!

Monday night was a fun evening of painting, sharing stories, and testing brush skills for a couple of people who have NEVER painted on a canvas before.

All year, I've played  hostess for several "Wine & Paint" parties at  http://www.tasselridge.com

I so enjoy seeing that spark in someone's eye when they've created something art related for the first time.  

In 2017, the winery plans to host 4  Canvas & Wine events that will be spread out through out the year.   

Monday, September 12, 2016

Nocturnal Painting!

  8"x 10" Oil on canvas board

 10"x 8" - Soft Pastel on UArt paper

Works here were created over this past Labor Day weekend in Main Amana, IA.  Catiri's Art Oasis  sponsored their 9th year of "Fresh Paint" Plein air competition during the 3 day celebrated weekend.  33 artists attended  - creating around 70 works of art. (wasn't positive on that total number)

Nocturnal painting can be a fun challenge for artists.  I have 2 LED Orchestra pit lights that clip on my easel set up......one on the canvas holder - the other directed on my palette box.  Both run on AAA batteries.  They provide perfect light to work from at night so as not to obscure the view but still be able to see what I'm doing.

Surprisingly, after dark has been much more pleasant to paint outdoors this summer.  For some reason, less bugs that bite, or fly around and get in the paint.  Dawn and Dusk are the most challenging time of day to keep the bugs away.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Green Lamp Post/Trellis

Here's a better picture of the artwork I posted.  I fell in love with the patina on this lamp post.  It was a perfect match for the flowers around it and the home in the background.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

"Fresh Paint" in Amana, IA

I was one of 30 artists that participated this past weekend in Catiri's Art Oasis's "Fresh Paint" competition in the Amana's  Iowa.  This marked the 9th year for the gallery to sponsor the plein air event.

A couple from St. Charles, IL (Chicago area) snapped this photo of me working away in front of this historic home in Main Amana Iowa Saturday morning. 

While I was painting, the couple that live in this home came out to visit and shared the fact this residence has been in the same family since it was constructed (1800"s ?  I'm guessing because I didn't write down the date.)   The current resident has called this home for 50 years.

My focus was on this lamp post / trellis by the front sidewalk.  It tugged at the gardener in my heart....there was an abundance of subject matter to enjoy viewing.

......and the final 10"x 8" Pastel in it's resting place.  A couple that happened to be visiting Amana for the first time was strolling around the community and stopped to watch me paint for a few minutes. I shared my business card and wished them well.  

 Early Sunday morning, they called ...... wanting to purchase the artwork.  They were so excited about the event and what I was creating that when they left the area where I was working , they began a quest to find a perfect frame.  They found one at the Amana Furniture store.  I think that's pretty exciting.......and a perfect match I may add.   

It ALWAYS feels good to be appreciated.  

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Stem Hanging On....

6"x 6"  Oil on panel

Ah.....it's PEAR SEASON!!!!.  This beauty once hung on our backyard neighbor's tree.  And....OH SO DELICIOUS!  Yep, it was eaten soon after my brush was laid down.

Apples and Pears seem close to even as favorite fruit for painting subjects.  I believe I have posed more pears under a single light source, just like this beauty here.  I love the play of shadows in still life settings and often try to include them in a composition. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Luscious Red #1

8"x 10" Oil on board

The tomatoes are coming on strong in my garden right now.  So, what better subject for a still life right? I found a clear bowl in the house where I have a studio in Bentonsport.  Put that together with adjusting my light source and voila.......a cheerful lush painting!

I'm on a roll doing several food related still life's right now.  So, expect to see several of these posted in a row.  Enjoy!

Monday, August 8, 2016

After morning breakfast

10"x 8" soft pastel on UART paper

Really enjoyed the day painting, visiting, & witnessing the reenactment of the Civil War battle at Athens MO on Saturday. 

3 of my plein air buddies & i met around 11am to  scope out the area.  I had the opportunity to be there earlier & sat up my easel by this camp fire.  The reflections on the kettle drew me in.  

Here'so a few more photos that may become future paintings.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

"At Rest"

5x7 soft Pastel

I spent Friday, the 29th, & Sat., 30th, in Corning, IA  participating in their  11th Annual Plein Air event.  I'm thrilled to announce this work won 1st Place.

  I created this little jewel first thing Friday morning at Lake Icaria, just North of the community.  (The competition rules stated we could paint anywhere in Adams County.  )  Artist Carlene Atwater  & I camped out at the lakes Lakeview campgrounds & were very happy with how clean/well maintained the facilities & park area was.  A GREAT place for family fun!!!

It was exciting to see how this small community (1,500) supports the arts.  Corning Art Center is maintained by volunteers  and is a beautiful space.  They even have an  "Artist in Residence " program in place.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


16"x 12" - Acrylic on canvas board

Well, here's something totally opposite from what I normally do with paint.  I've been wanting to try my hand painting  abstract designs and I think I've discovered a new love.

I absolutely love the flowers in my garden which believe it or not, totally make me feel so inapt (inept?)  at painting florals.  I think the solution for me is to approach this subject matter with a free spirit expressed by keeping paint fluid looking.

I'm excited by the end result with this first abstract.  Be prepared to see a lot more, very soon.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Sign of Summer

8"x 8"  Soft Pastel

I love Cone Flowers.  There are patches of these beauties here and there in my garden.  I painted these from the front porch of the Iron & Lace Store.  (I transplanted a few to from my yard to mingle with Betty Printy's Queen Anne's Lace)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Wind out of SW

Oil 10"x 8" on Canvas board 

Bill Printy made this weather-vane that sits on top of the Iron & Lace store.  I had the perfect opportunity to Plein air paint today.  I still can't decide which medium I want to use in upcoming painting events.  I love working in both oil and pastel outdoors.  Each has its own unique set of issues when framing....the oils are wet and I have to wash brushes. .... pastels need to be framed under glass so it means more prep-work and toting glass around.  Decisions ! Decisions!  

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Poster announcement

Here's this years pastel painting for Tassel Ridge Winery's Iowa Nouveau Poster.  This makes the 6th poster design I've created for the winery.  

Every year I have a different model.  Only one of the models I've used has actually had red hair.  This is such a fun project.  I love Art Nouveau and of course, my inspiration comes from the fabulous work of Alphonse Mucha.

The poster will be released in November.  

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Lammert Paint Box & Canvas Holder

Introducing the handcrafted Lammert Paint Box and Canvas Holder .
This is a nice alternative to the traditional French Easel for workshops, demonstrating, Plein Air painting or in the studio.

Inside box dimension is 12"x 16".  Box weighs 6 lbs empty - 9 lbs filled with either oil paints or pastels.
The box is designed to store oil paints and brushes  in the box while traveling.  
(Scroll down to see photos of my oil and pastel set up)

The 11"x 11 3/4"glass palette is coated with gray paint and cardboard on the under side.  It is attached to the box with velcro and will stay in place while the box is carried vertically.  The palette and wood divider is designed to easily be removed.  

There are D-ring fasteners attached on the outside of the box for a shoulder strap.
(shoulder strap not included)

The Canvas Holder will hold a canvas vertically up to 20" and horizontally 24" or more.
The design was created so the box and canvas holder can be used with any medium weight camera tripod.  I recommend the SLIK U8000 because I like the stability of the tripod.

 Wind Tested:.......when hanging or strapping a backpack or bag with extra supplies to the back leg, this set up has remained stable, (no movement) in 25 mph wind with gusts to 40 mph.

There are slots carved in the lid area that will keep a brush from rolling around when not in use.  The elastic strapping will hold several brushes in place while in transit.  On the left door is a small bungee chord that can be used to hold towels in place or other accessories.  
(See my oil box set up below.)

When the tripod legs are fully open in place, the paint box slides down on the front 2 legs and will remain  in place until lifted back off.

This photo shows the box without wood divider and glass palette.

My Oil Box set up....
I usually have 8 tubes of paint with me at all times and 3 to 5 brushes in the box.  The bag on the left holds a viewfinder, color wheel and value finder.  I sometimes tuck a towel under the bungee chord when painting.

These are my pastels.  The main box is a Sennelier 120 half stick box.  I've used the lids of other boxes to house the pastels that I have sitting in the lid areas.  Some of those pastels are hand made and offered at Cindy's Art Beat in Fairfield, IA.

The above  photo shows how I stack my pastels in the box.  The smaller boxes fit inside the lid area when closed.  Everything fills the space so there is no movement of pastels during transit.

Paint Box (includes wood insert and glass palette).........$175.00
                                       without insert and palette..........  165.00
Canvas Holder .................................................................   60.00
Tripod ..............................................................................   50.00

May be purchased individually or All together at $285.00 plus shipping

Payment can be made by personal check (items shipped when check is validated) or through Pay Pal.
contact me at ginlammert@yahoo.com to order. 
Because these boxes are handcrafted, there may be up to a 4 week delay in receiving your set up if we don't have any in stock.  

Friday, July 1, 2016

Along Hwy 2

9"x 12" Pastel on UART #800 grit paper

I drive by this property at least 4 times a week on my way to & from  Bentonsport.   I left home early enough this morning so I could do some Plein air painting before opening the Iron & Lace store.

In a short amount of time, I was able to block in my light &  dark values.  It's  been awhile since I've worked outdoors with my pastels.  I'm definitely changing that habit, starting now.

The work you see here was created using UART paper.  I dry mounted it on foamboard so I could do an underpainting wash technique, using mineral spirits with the soft pastels.

I finished the work while at the store today.  Photos are a GREAT tool for me to use since I don’t have a photographic memory.    Still, there truly is no substitute for working on location .....from life.

I also want to thank my artist friend, Jessica Kirby,  for giving me the paper I used today.  I've been hooked on Wallis sanded paper ( no longer available ) and have primed my own boards for painting.  Now I plan to order UART paper....enough so my students in the next VFS workshop can try it out. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

"Open" sign

(click image to enlarge)
Oil - 14"x 11"

This is the sign that lets everyone know the Iron & Lace store in Bentonsport, IA is open for business.  Betty Printy (the Potter and owner) has a variety of plants growing along the side of the porch and building.

I'm using colors Raw Umber, Prussian Blue, and Turquoise light on my palette these days.  They weren't "standards" for me in the past but I've grown to like the mixes I'm coming up with more and more.  Here's my current oil palette:
Cools:     Naples yellow (optional since white and yellow ochre does the job)
                Yellow Ochre             Ultramarine Blue (optional)      Turquoise light
                Alizarin Crimson        Prussian Blue
Warms:  Cadmium Yellow Light        Cadmium Red Light       Venetian Red
                Raw Umber
Titanium White and Ivory Black

I use Naples Yellow a lot to mix in colors to get a lighter value.  White mixed with Naples Yellow and sometimes Cad Yellow light make my "whites" .

I also check a painting's values by removing all the color.  The image here shows this process before I adjusted the "shadow" area to match closer to what the actual painting looks like. 

 I always have to double check the images I take with my camera.  They either come out really washed out or on the "blue" side when I photo artwork outside.  

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Oil Class Outside!

The Martin's backyard became the meeting place for this past Tuesdays oil class group in Bloomfield.  We couldn't ask for better weather.....and such concentration on everyone's part.  They are all used to painting indoors from both set up still life's and photo reference material.

For me, this was a treat to share with them why I enjoy working outdoors.  I think they were all surprised at how fast and how well they created a work.  It's a whole different experience then working indoors. It's all about the Light!!!!

 I'm not sure I have converts to painting exclusively "Plein Air", but the experience went along way in helping them understand the different challenges and rewards of painting surrounded by nature verses in a controlled environment.

Enjoy the photos here!  I became busy myself so forgot to take pictures of everyone.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sort of Formal!

10" x 8" Oil on board

One of my oil painting students brought an old silver creamer, platter, and this tea pot to class a few weeks ago.  I couldn't resist setting up this little still life to paint. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

3 years ...my time flies!

It's been 3 years now that I've  been giving oil painting classes in Bloomfield  Iowa.  The image here shows one of my favorite still life set ups.  Thank you Facebook for reminding me of this.  I had to share here!

Oil classes are held Tuesdays  3:30-5:30pm & 6-8pm at the Courtyard Gallery & Studio in Bloomfield.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"My Friends Tulips"

14"x 7" - Oil on Stretched Canvas

I was in need of having tulips for a specific project and a friend of mine just happened to have silk tulips that looked so real, I couldn't pass up painting them more then once.  This is the version I liked the best.  I wanted something different......so placed them laying sideways on a box so they would hang over the edge.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bentonsport - Opening Day!

April 16th was 2016 Opening Day for the retail businesses in Bentonsport, IA. 
 (B & B's stay open year around.)  I plan to have the "Parlor Room Studio" open on as many Saturday's as possible this year.  The only reason for it not being open to the public 10-4pm would be do to workshops, other art related commitments, or a family emergency.

The Herman Greef House is located on Sanford St. in Bentonsport.  The street is the first road East of the downtown retail businesses. (a few feet from the last business along the strip in front of the Des Moines River....walking distance from all feature locations in Bentonsport) The brick home faces the Mason House Inn, Bed & Breakfast.  

Here's a shot of the main room.  I'm standing at the front door so this is the first thing you see when walking into the Herman Greef House.  The artwork and display panels here will always be changing.  So, we're hoping people will come back often to see updates.

 Here's artist MaryBeth Heikes working in the studio on a new Poppies collage. She plans to work at the studio at least 2 Saturdays a month so she may share her inspirations and techniques with others.  She has original artwork, prints, and some notecards available for purchase in the main room.  MaryBeth is also a member of the Co-op Gallery in Bentonsport.  

......and here I am posing in front of some of the originals I have in the main room at the moment.  These are a mix of "Plein Air" oil paintings of Bentonsport and a couple of Soft Pastel works .

The next date the Parlor Room Studio is open to the public is May 7th, 10-4pm.