Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Ash Tray Sculpture

~ Click image to enlarge ~
Here is my solution to having an open ash tray at our entrance door.  My husband had painted an old metal coffee can black, put sand in it, and places his finished cigarettes there.  It's been sitting at our back door for awhile now. 
All visitors to our home that smoke go outside and hopefully, place there cigarette butts here.
Here is my solution to seeing and smelling the "ash tray" every time someone walks in/out of the door (which is to the left of the sculpture).  I found all items to build this at our local (Ottumwa) Menards store. 
My husband drilled two holes in the "bottom" of this metal bird bath.  We flipped it, placed this yard art wind mill  through one hole. The other is for throwing butts into can that is hidden inside the clay pot that is sitting on top of the clay cylinder.
I attached magnets under the outside edge of the "lid" which keeps it from sliding on the pot.  We had strong winds this morning with the Thunderstorm that just passed thru.  The lid remained in place.  I checked while the storm was going on and the windmill part of the sculpture was a blur from spinning so fast.   Most the time it gently rocks or goes full circle.