Sunday, October 6, 2013

Something on the side.....

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There's a gentleman I used to work with in the Stained Glass Industry that is an antiques collector.  He is also known as the "Bottle man" expert at vintage bottles and has written a couple of books about them. 
So, I was approached to do some "touch up" work on a favorite tin platter of his.  This was not meant to be a complete redo....just fill in where obvious scratches are and where the color had completely rubbed off.
I'm real pleased in how this turned out.  Even when the platter is tilted sideways (where the light reflects off the surface) it's hard to see touch up work.  Hmmmmmm maybe this will turn out to be a new sideline business for me? 
Yes.....I'm very pleased....and I think he will be too.