Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Nocturne at Paint the Point

Well, here'so the scoop on my Nocturne adventure as requested by my friend John Preston.   I began the above work when most fellow artists were finishing up on the main street just South of this location.   I've yet to master getting a plein air painting done in 2 hours, unless it's 8x10 or smaller.  That said.....on with my story.

I drove around seeing where everyone had set up.....most in well lit areas or where there would be main flow of traffic ( no hidden dark corners for monsters to jump out).  Yep......I wasn't thinking of safety when I chose this location.  It looked harmless enough ( and actually was) but what you see here was about all the light available.  ( I have orchestra pit clip lights that just shine where I need to see canvas & palette)

I didn't think to take a panoramic photo sweep when I had my easel in place so you can better appreciate my story. :(    To my left was a very dark lot that looked overgrown in the shadows.  I could hear voices/conversations as if people were standing directly behind me after i started painting.....time frame......10pm to a bit after 1am.  The requirements for this part of the competition was to begin no earlier then 8pm & hand in framed work between 7-8am.

Shortly after I had my initial sketch done, I guy started walking up from behind me and asked how I was doing.  Here's where my husband's advice kicked me in the head..." just PAY ATTENTION ".  I can become so absorbed in what i'm doing sometimes...hmmmmm....needless to say, this guy sorta/ kinda startled me.

I was holding an umbrella over my work because it started to sprinkle pretty good....this guy gently but firmly took it out of my hand and politely offered to hold it for me saying he'd give me 3 minutes of his time.  No thank you seemed to not be an option.

We struck up a conversation while he watched me work ......asked the usual questions about what all these people were doing painting around town, gave compliment on me  not being an ugly toad , then popped the question if I was married.  ( i'm sure he was leading up to it ,anxious to ask personal information. )  

After I answered "Happily so" , he stated.."lucky guy" and continued to hold my umbrella for another 5 minutes , being polite & giving me a bit of a history lesson of the area.

As he walked away, back the direction he came from, he let me know the sound of voices were coming from a bar a few feet away where people were slipping out the back door to have a smoke.

The moisture in the air moved on so no need for an umbrella most the time I worked.  Closer to midnight, it became deafening quiet.  The breeze gave a gust now and then.......I was increasingly aware of being alone......and started asking myself why I chose to stand where I was.  IT WAS THE STREET LAMPS IN FRONT OF THE BUILDINGS dummy.

After I dropped off my painting for the Nocturne competition, I drove back around where I spent most of the night.  The street is called Jail Alley and the dark ominous lot that was to my left was a beautiful peaceful garden.  The back entrance to the bar was 2 buildings away from where I was set up.

I ran into our hostess back at the Dairyland Motel and shared my evening happenings with her.  I told her that "Carl" mentioned he knew her.......she immediately asked if he was polite or not.  I said he was & she gave a sigh of relief.   Stated it's a small community where everyone pretty much knows everyone and said this guy was a good man but could be a bit hard to handle after a few alcoholic refreshments.

There John, is my story.  And yes, I learned a lesson here.  Either brush up on "self defense " moves to remain confident when painting alone at night or always partner up with another artist.

Monday, August 14, 2017

"Paint the Point" last week

"Paint the Point" in Mineral Point, WI was an event I participated in for the first time.  It was held this past week Tues., thru Sat.  An artist gathering was held on Tuesday evening with some wonderful appetizers complimented with local brewed beer.  We mingled and introduced ourselves to new paint buddies and sponsors of the event.

This being the first time being in Mineral Point, I had my friend John Preston, (which has participated  the past 3 years ),  take the wheel and drive my friend Carlene Dingman Atwater and I around Tuesday evening to check out the vistas and town of Mineral Point for potential painting compositions.

After having panels stamped at 7am on Weds., I headed out East of town to park along highway 39 and paint this view looking NW.  Photo's a bit washed out but you get the jest of the 14"x11" panel.  This work, along with the one below, SOLD during the Public viewing and sales on Saturday.  WhooHoo!

 Thursday I decided to hang out on Mineral Point's High Street which is the heart of some pretty awesome stone built buildings that house artist Studios, Deli's, Boutiques and other fine businesses.  If you're not familiar with the community, it's mainly an artists haven for potters, contemporary painters, and creative souls in general.  Mineral Point is approx. 39 miles SW of Madison, WI.

Below is the shop of a very talented weaver that specializes in high end fine scarves and clothing.  The owners did most the restoration work on the building themselves....including the removal of asbestos tiles on the floor. They hired a local carpenter to recreate the store front to as close to the original look as possible.  The doors alone are a solid 3 inches of beautiful Oak.  Glass in the windows have waves in it to look as authentic to antique glass as possible.  It was fun painting the reflections as wavy curves......like water.

Yep......it was the colorful wind socks that drew me in......they screamed to me..... "You W-A-N-T to paint me"!    I started this 12"x 9" oil one day and came back the next morning to finish it.

I've gotta learn to talk and paint at the same time.  I had a GREAT time visiting with passersby and overall this week, I've learned a lot about the origins and happenings of this historic town.

(P.S.  I took artistic license and added flower pots on the sidewalk.  The owner said she had the exact type of pots on the back porch of the building and offered to move them out front for me.....my my.... I met friendly/helpful people at every turn.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ottumwa's "Battle of the Brushes" event

20"x16" Acrylic on stretched canvas

Saturday evening, July 29th, the Wapello Co. Arts Council sponsored a fundraiser called "Battle of the Brushes".  10 artists were chosen to participate.....given a theme to focus on in a 90 minute period.

Paint, brushes (our own were optional), table easels, canvas and disposable aprons were provided.  Our theme was "Riverfront".  Because the event was held in Ottumwa, I chose this view of Bridgeview Center and Wapello Bridge that spans over the Des Moines River.

I tried a new technique for me.......used a plastic grocery sack (wadded up tight in hand) dipped in paint and applied it in an abstract manner to create the sky and water in this work.  I loved the affect.  I'm definitely using this technique again and with oils.  If I had more time on this piece, I would've included palette knife strokes of color in the rest of the subject.

The finished artwork was auctioned off immediately after brushes were set down.  This was a first time event for the arts council.  I hope it will become an annual affair. It was a nice way to spend a Saturday evening!