Sunday, March 16, 2014

Having fun with palette knife painting

Here's a little treat :D   This is what we painted in Oil Class Saturday.  I'm missing one picture here.  The student left, carrying her work home with her.

Most the time, we  (yes, me included) work with thin layers of oil paint......being conservative with the precious commodity.  Creating a painting using only a palette knife forced us to lay the paint on thicker to the canvas.

I always have at least one class reserved to do this sort of painting during a month of sessions.  It's the only time I may work laying the canvas flat on a table. It's easier to move the piece sideways, upside get the idea.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Alla Prima Paint Out March 8th

Hard at work here!
As promised, here are more pics of the artists while working yesterday morning at the 

 Here above is what Marybeth (Betsy) Heikes worked on during the morning.  I love watching how she applies her watercolors....blocking in shapes with such rich, vibrant colors. 

Above, Deb Baughman shared wonderful new reference photos of her neighbors flowers.  She always finds interesting shapes.  Deb has a real talent for finding beauty where most of us would just overlook.

 Connie Morris always brings a fresh outlook to what she chooses to paint.  Here she showed her skill with composing her version of the photo she was working from.

 Carroll Michalek effortlessly  creates a stunning landscape with brilliant hues.  She applied all the colors using the same brush through out the painting.  I hope she posts this work on her blog.

 Here's the finished 6"x6" pastel I worked on during the day.  I started it with blocking in color  with gouache paints, then finishing the work with soft pastels.  As usual, I didn't think of taking pictures of the work in progress.  

 Above: Betsy Heikes and I taking pictures of each other taking pictures.
Jeanne Dixon, gallery owner, preparing the refreshment table for the artist reception that was 1pm to 4pm.
Overall, it was WONDERFUL sharing time with all these ladies and greeting guests that came to see the show during the  afternoon. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Alla Prima Paint Out" & Artist Reception TODAY !

Check out this space.....this is part of the studio at the Courtyard Gallery & Studio where a few of my painting friends and I plan to paint away this morning beginning around 10am.

So far, the artists I know of that will be at the studio today are Marybeth Heikes, Deb Baughman, Carroll Michalek, Connie Morris and I.  More may be joining us.
"Evening Glow" Pastel ....this work is one of the landscapes (skyscapes) that can be seen this month at the gallery.  It, along with 42 other artworks, make up the feature artist show "Gin Lammert: After 2009".

I hope we have a GREAT turn out today at the reception which is 1pm to 4pm.  We're having a drawing for a small original work (framed 6"x6" painting) today at 4pm.  You must come in the gallery today, March 8th, and sign the gallery's guest book to be eligible for the drawing.  

.....and here's the address again.  Courtyard Gallery & Studio, 106 S. Madison St., Bloomfield, IA.   West side of the Business square in Bloomfield.   641-664-2646

Friday, March 7, 2014

Love this word.....SOLD !

~click image to enlarge~
6x6  Oil on board
As I was hanging this months show at the Courtyard Gallery and Studio, this little gem SOLD immediately! I think every creative I know that wants to make a living ( I'm talking an income to support lifestyle here) with what they are passionate about has to LOVE this word.

And yet another reminder......come see us Sat. at the gallery for the "Alla Prima Paint Out" and artist reception.......10am to 1pm or continuing on to 4pm  for the paint out  - and - 1pm to 4pm for the reception.
WHERE?   106 S. Madison St., Bloomfield, Iowa 52537.  It's the West side of the Business Square. 
To call:  641-664-2646

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Another favorite of mine.....

~click on image to enlarge~
12"x8" Holly hocks in the Rose Garden, Pastel on paper.

Looking at this gem makes me anxious about painting in the Rose Garden in Bentonsport sooner rather then later.  Old man Winter just keeps lingering.  We had a light snow yesterday....again.  I can't complain too much about the white stuff.  We don't have the feet of snow that so many other places have gotten. I'm truly thankful for that.

This work is in this months show at the Courtyard Gallery & Studio .  I'm planning to create a few more floral paintings this month.  Just received my first seed catalog and all those juicy - bright colors of blooms.  Yep.....I'm ready to plant something in the rich dirt of my garden so I can watch it grow.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Art included in March Show

~click on image to enlarge~
"Sweet Ride", 24"x36" Oil on stretched canvas

I did this painting in 2011 and the image spills over on to the wood frame around the canvas. (not shown here)  My daughter Mika supplied me with the photo I used as reference for this work.  ....and yes...she has her own Harley to ride.

For the month of March, this oil painting is displayed in one of the front windows of the Courtyard Gallery & Studio in Bloomfield.  I'm the featured artist this month at the gallery and we plan to celebrate the opening of this show on Sat., March 8th by having an "Alla Prima Paint Out" starting at 10am.  Artist reception with refreshments will begin at 1pm and at the end of the day (4pm) we will draw a name from those that sign the gallery's guest book that day.  The winner will receive one of my framed original 6x6 works that is hanging in this show.

Counting the small works, there are 42 paintings on display and for purchase during March at the gallery.  I am one of many local artists that have work in this gallery year around.

Look for a "new" post everyday this week covering these paintings.  Now, back to work I go :D

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

....and another pic, showing progress.

~click image to enlarge~
I've made very little progress this past week on this piece.  Yes, A WEEK - 7 DAYS.....UGH!  I can't believe how I'm dragging this work out.  (In a way, I can .....I've mastered the art of procrastination. But, fortunately, that's not my only excuse this time for not being farther along here).   I've had other duties of being Mom, Housewife, get the picture of the other "jobs" that eat up time.

I've finished sculpting the lady's face, her top, and left hand holding the rifle.  What I find odd is, I'm right handed and tend to finish up the right side of a work and move leftward.  When I used to work exclusively in pencil, I trained myself to work left to right. (so not to SMEAR everything)  Now, I've fallen back to my old habit of the reverse.

How do any of you artists out there paint?  I never tire of the wonders of creating something. That's what gets me stuck on "Pinterest" too.  All the creative ideas......from beautiful/fantastically executed paintings, DIY projects, storage space ideas, and the current rage of makeovers using "Pallets". (...and YES...I have a few of those stacked in my barn :D  )

Well.....back to this work shown here.  This week is also going to be a slow process.  I'm thrilled I have commission work to do and have to meet a client today.  Time is a very precious ever you want to phrase it.  What I know about me is, if I have to run around doing errands here,there, the time I get home, the energy to focus on painting  isn't there.  The trick here is to mentally "trick" myself to say I'm not tired :D