Friday, February 15, 2013

"On Fire"

Oil -16"x20" canvas in frame

Not as happy with this version of the sunflower.  I painted the frame along with the canvas and had to take a picture of it slanted to keep the "glare" of the wet paint down. 

I LOVE flowers, and I've come to the conclusion, they are the MOST challenging thing for me to paint.  I'm much more confident at doing portraits and landscapes.  It's crazy right?

So stating this, I think this work was a good practice on to other things.

Monday, February 11, 2013

"Southern Light"

~ Click image to enlarge ~
18"x24"  Oil on stretched canvas
These flowers are but a few I have for students to draw and/or paint from.  As I was putting things away after a class, I was mesmerized by the light shining on these two and the sharp shadows to the left of where they were sitting.
I grabbed my camera and started shooting away....hoping it would capture the intense lighting I was witnessing in front of me.  (I didn't have time to break out brush and paints.)  I was happy when I got home and downloaded the images, printed them off and's one composition of the scene I plan to paint several versions of.
The paint was still wet when I took this picture.  I tried my best to not get reflected light bouncing off the canvas.  Where there's a will, there's a way right? Rigbt!   

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Final Canvas titled "Rainbow Mix"

~ Click image to enlarge ~
Here's the final group of 6"x6" squares for the "30 Paintings/ 30 Days Challenge" that was given by artist Leslie Saeta  in January. 
I marked off three 24"x18" canvases into 6"x6" blocks.  Each canvas held 12 squares.  "Rainbow Mix" was created using a full palette of "Warm & Cool" colors.  I also used a wide variety of brushes I own (some I forgot I had) and painted one square totally with a narrow palette knife.
You can see all the squares, along with the finished canvases, together on my website Artwork pages.  ( I didn't start posting the very first works...but there are plenty squares  side-by-side to enjoy the view.)
This challenge was a GREAT way for me to start the new year.  I would recommend doing this exercise anytime if one feels in a creative slump.  Just trying to make the same subject matter interesting over and over...and over .....makes for a challenge in itself.