Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hubby with frames

I had to share this image of my husband with his labor of love frames. I was gone for a few days and he decided to stack the frames he's made for my artwork on the framing table to surprise me when I got home. Yes....more work for me since I'm painting them. Most will match my matboard....others will be painted black. He sanded the wood so it's baby bottom smooth. I posted an image below that shows the finished product.

Here's display of new works in the frames my hubby has been building for me. I'm glad he's re-discovered his woodworking tools in the basement.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Working in Studio

As you can see, the still life is of my silk poppies. It's almost finished. The stuff behind the fireman pastel (which is posted below) make up my "inspiration wall". It's a collage of images from magazines , my own photos, and quotes. This fills most the wall space to the right of my easel and table. Below is the post of "The Volunteer" ....the fireman pastel painting that's here on my traveling easel.

The Volunteer

Click on image to enlarge
19" x 13" pastel on 100% cotton paper
I had a GREAT opportunity to get some firemen photos last summer while they were holding training exercises at our local fire dept. (handy for me....the Pulaski fire dept. is directly across the street from where we live.)