Monday, June 10, 2019

A Blue Ribbon painting!

Finished Soft Pastel - 11x14

Pastel used as underpainting. Set on UArt paper with 91%rubbing alcohol.

Showing the area I focused on during morning light.

This pastel won 1st place at the "Paint Washington" plein air competition held this past weekend.  The event was sponsored by Art Domestique gallery in Washington, Iowa.

Artists painted all around the community.  Some of us challenged ourselves with painting during the evening Friday night, followed by finding that spark around town all day Saturday & Sunday morning.  Artwork was turned in at the gallery for judging by noon Sunday.  Then, we participated in a 2 hour "quick paint" located in the park in the middle of the business district. 

The competition was tough and I'm truly filled with gratitude in winning this award.