Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thinking of Christmas!

- Click on image to enlarge -
These little jewels are small stretched canvases that I've been having fun creating oil images on.  Each canvas is roughly 3"x3" in size.  They will be sold with the supporting easel. 

I'll have these mini gems with me this weekend (Dec. 1st/2nd) at the Iron & Lace store in Bentonsport, IA.  It's the "Celebrating Christmas in the Villages" weekend.   Store hours in Bentonsport are 10am to 5pm both days.

Want to support the creative process?  Give a Unique "One of a Kind" gift that is joyful and created with love?  Send me an email if you're interested in purchasing one or a set of mini oil paintings.
Send to: ginlammert@yahoo.com   with  " Mini Oil Paintings" in the subject line.

Now, back to being Santa's helper I go.......Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Hi Ho!