Friday, March 8, 2019

Something to think about......

Title: "Fertile River of Gold"
Oil on linen - 24" x 18"

Again, I apologize that this photo of finished painting is a bit darker then what the original is.  Here's my thoughts when I placed these objects together.  Starting at bottom left & moving clockwise around the work.

1. Eggs represent ideas - thoughts yet to be manifested as visual representation; musical interpretation; mathmatic equation,; IMAGINATION 
2. Tea pot - heated water to help with growth of ideas.
3. Portrait of Einstein - Genious at work ( this tile painting was a gift to me by a close friend & talented artist that created it, Deb Baughman)
4. Flowers - represent ideas brought to life / manifested.
5.  Glasswork behind flowers - Transformation!  Glass is a product made of a solid, transformed into a liquid by using extreme heat, then cooled to create what we know as glass.  It's pure Alchemy.  This piece is also placed so a corner is pointing up....a symbol of heaven/ enlightenment....we could go on & on here.
6. Espresso cup & spoon - well, simply stated as ENERGY created by pure caffeine to stimulate the brain & firing of neutrons in the body.  And, no, I'm not addicted to coffee, but I do drink a Mt Dew now and then.  I like caffeine :D