Saturday, December 27, 2014

Summer 2014

Just finished this oil Christmas present.  It was shown to the owner, but I needed to do some adjusting to the figure and brought out more of the sand area in for foreground.

24"x 48" Oil on stretched canvas
Here's the finished piece. The model? Grandson Nevan!  He spent several weeks in Florida with his Grandpa Tom this past Summer.  A real treat to experience the ocean.

Friday, December 26, 2014

A Father's Love

15.5"x 22"  Soft Pastel on Wallis paper

Here's a bond that is sooooooo precious!  When my daughter shared with me the photo taken of Clint and my new grandson Aden, I knew right away that I wanted to paint this moment using pastels.

Aden is only a few days old here.  I'm pretty sure this picture was taken while they were still at the hospital.....probably getting ready to go home.  He's 7 months old now and just a bundle of Joy!

I've been blessed with kids that embrace the electronic age......have GREAT camera/phones and get that "kodak" moment when I'm not around.  Thankfully, then share them either on Facebook or by gifting me with photobooks.  I'm a happy camper :D

Thursday, December 25, 2014


click image to enlarge

Oil - 48"x 24"

I really had fun with this piece.  Colors are actually brighter then what is shown here.  This was the best I could do with the photo I took before delivering this to my son & daughter-in-law tonight.  I applied the last few strokes of paint this afternoon.  Talk about a last minute Christmas gift. (it was actually started  a month ago.)

Just for a change, I decided to not cover the entire area of toned canvas and let it be the "background" in this work.  The only exception was to add a few strokes showing the shadow play on the sidewalk where Phoebe was standing.  I intentionally left detail out of her hands, dress, and feet as well.   I guess this would be called....a "sketch" instead of a finished painting.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

'tis the season.......

Here are 4 individual 3"x3" stretched canvases painted with acrylics.  It seems every year I create mini paintings by either using oils or acrylics and give as gifts or sell as stocking stuffers.

I have a collection of snowmen and they've been my models over and over the past 2 years.  
This year, I've added magnet strips to the back of these paintings.  New title.."Refrigerator Art"!