Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Waiting for the Big one

Size: 5"x7"
Medium: Soft Pastel on rag paper
Status: Available
To Purchase: Contact the artist ginlammert@yahoo.com

This image is of a day my husband and I went fishing at Lake Fisher, Bloomfield, IA.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Never Alone

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Size: 5"x7"
Medium: Soft Pastel on 100% rag paper.
Status:available contact artist if interested ginlammert@yahoo.com
Starting to use my dominate hand again in painting. It's felt like forever (last surgery only being 3 months ago) , but the upside of this experience is I now feel confident in using my other hand for a lot of different tasks. Lesson learned? Never let tendonitis go! NEVER!

I've been experimenting with different paper and pastels. I've discovered I like working on the rag paper best using nupastels, rembrandt and sennelier brand soft pastels. For years I've been devoted to Canson paper and Rembrandt pastels. I've also created works using suede matboard. The softer, buttery pastels, such as sennelier brand, work best on the boards soft surface.