Tuesday, July 7, 2015

All about Lace

~click on image to enlarge~

7"x 5"  Watercolor on paper

This is one of the pitchers that Betty Printy creates and sells in her store "Iron & Lace".  She takes the actual flower "Queen Anne's Lace" and presses it on to the leather hard clay.  She then applies her glaze and the flower turns to ash when the clay is fired in the kiln.  

This design has been Betty's signature work since 1986.  I have endless still life arrangements around me when I'm watching the store for Bill & Betty Printy.  

This is "officially" the second watercolor painting I've ever created.  I say officially because I've used watercolor off and on to create sketches/renderings for clients in the stained glass industry.  Now I'm having fun learning about this medium.

It's different then Oil and Pastel in that you basically layer going light to dark in value.  Where, in oil and pastel, I establish my hottest highlight and darkest dark on a mid toned canvas, or paper.  Then work dark to light for the most part.

Here's my little corner of the Iron & Lace store where my easel is mounted on the wall,  Betty's Raku fired pottery is all around my paintings.