Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bloomfield, IA 1st Plein Air event

Here's a group shot of the artwork created by 5 artists yesterday at our first official "Plein Air" event held in Davis Co., IA. Artists that live in a 50 mile radius of Bloomfield, IA participated in this year's activities. Most area artists that wanted to be involved sent letters of regret that they couldn't participate..........a busy weekend everywhere with today being the 4th of July.
Click on image to enlarge.........the small oil on the piano is my work.
I helped with setting up the days activities . We had a generous donor of money and the funds were used to give a cash prize to a competition we decided to hold. We had the public VOTE for their favorite art creation while artists were painting around the square. It created an opportunity to have the public involved instead feeling more like bystanders in the days event. Every artist was given a number and when they completed a work, we had a general area we sat finished creations so those individuals that didn't vote while witnessing the works in progress were able to vote without knowing who the artist was. It was interesting to watch and hear the comments of those voting.
We're planning to make a "Plein Air" event an annual affair for Davis Co. I think the date will be changed and we're considering the idea of picking a new location in the county for every year. I'm excited to see the variety of work artists create using the locations in the county.

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