Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Turned toward the light

6x6 Pastel on board
I'm back to creating small works.  This time using pastels instead of oils.  I'm actually finishing the 30 paintings Challenge.  I didn't make it in 30 Days. :(  (Stopped to work on 36"x48" oil for the show hanging in Fort Madison, IA this month)

This painting of Saucer Magnolia's was created by using a Gouache underpainting, then applying soft pastels on top to create the finished work.

I've been experimenting with watercolor as an underpainting.  Gouache works much better at filling in dark areas.   I definitely don't use as much pastel this way.  Also faster to get to the end result I'm looking for.  I'm anxious to try this method in plein air painting.  It will be awhile before I venture outdoors.  I think our High is suppose to be only 8 degrees tomorrow.  In the Teens today.

Hmmmmmmm flowers make me think of Spring and W-A-R-M  weather! Winter time and snow has its own beauty.......I'm just anxious for  warmer temps.