Sunday, February 9, 2014

"In my Comfort Zone"

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6"x6"  Pastel on board  SOLD
Here's the finished work that I created during our 1st (and maybe  an annual event?) "Alla Prima" Paint Out held yesterday at the FMAAA Gallery in Fort Madison, IA.

We had a good turn out and decent weather for Winter here in Southern Iowa.  The forecast was for 1 to 2" of snow...didn't happen.  

This picture is of our cat Wabbles taking a nap in one of her favorite spots......the back of the couch above Keith's head (my hubby).  She has  3 special places in our house where she lands for her long naps. I like the play of shadows and light in this picture.
Here you can see where my easel set up is at the far right (hadn't started sketching yet)  and close up of my good friend Anita Lee working away.  We wanted to use more of the natural light coming in the large South facing windows, so we're located in the front 3rd of this space.
Here's a closer shot of the other ladies that showed up to paint.  Connie Morris, Carlene Atwater, and Carroll Michalek.   I, unfortunately, didn't take more pictures.  I had a few friends snapping away and as soon as I get ahold of those shots, I'll post them here. Another person joined our small group of painters a little later...Jeanette Corley. 

Overall, we had a productive and fun afternoon.  I have to shout out another THANKS to the FMAAA Director and his staff for hosting both this event and my show. They put together a nice spread of snacks and drinks for the reception.

Artwork will be hanging here until the end of this month.  The gallery is located at 825 Ave. G in Fort Madison's downtown district.  Gallery hours are Tues. thru Sat.-10am to 5pm.