Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Poppy in Pastel

Here's the set up

Here's the underpainting with Gouache 
Establishing value range and blocking in color.

 ~click on image to enlarge~
Here's the finished work!
6x6 Pastel on board

First off.....I've FINALLY gotten my camera setting on the right auto focus.  It's an old Kodak and has been acting up.  When I've been cancelling the flash, it would pop up with all kinds of images for the auto setting and leave faster then I could change it.  I managed to work fast and found one that I think will have my images a bit better in focus.  We'll see.....

So, the pictures above pretty much sum up the lighting and progress on this little gem.  ....and yes....I'm counting these small works I'm posting as part of last month's challenge of 30 Paintings/30 Days.  

I had to "stop the clock" , so to speak, to finish up works that are hanging in the one person show at the Fort Madison Art Center, 825 Ave G....downtown Fort Madison, IA.  (another plug here :D  )  The artists reception is this coming Sat., Feb. 8th 2-4pm.  As a BONUS.....a fellow artist, Carlene Atwater (she lives in Fort Madison) and I planned a gathering of sorts to happen the same day.  

We titled it an "Alla Prima" paint out and invited local artists to join us in painting at the center, beginning 2 hours before the official reception.  The artists have the option of continuing painting during the reception and promote themselves as well.  So far, there will be 6 of us, including myself, that plan to participate.   We'll see how it goes.......I'll post pics here!