Sunday, February 23, 2014

Current work on easel.....

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Here I've decided to start a painting on stretched canvas size 40"x30".  You can see to the far left a photo of a couple standing in grass in front of a canvas tent. (by the color chart)

 I took this picture at a Civil War Enactment in 2011.  They were set up near the Des Moines River in Bonaparte, IA.

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I decided to back up to get a wider shot here so you could see more of the studio space I have my easels set up.  I took down my old collage on the wall when I brought home my 4x8 insulation foarmboards  from the studio in Bentonsport.  I've covered them with canvas drop cloths.  

I mounted one here and created small shelves using foamboard propped up with large sewing pins.  I can set the 6x6 panels I paint on them to dry and view before they're framed.

This studio space has enough room for 3 people to work with plenty of space around each person......4 people max.   You can barely see Obie laying on the pulled out chair from the table that's been shoved up next to the wall and has narrow shelving on it.  I can easily fit 2 table easels there.  

 Oh he's jumped up on the computer chair watching my fingers do there thing. ...s-l-o-w-l-y he's reaching out like he wants to help.  I'm NEVER alone.