Monday, February 10, 2014

Look into my eyes......

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6"x6" Pastel on board
Good puppy! I love Labs. I had a black lab years ago and treasure the memories of her.  At the time, a lot of change was going on in my life. So much so, I was forced to find a nice couple to adopt my girl Shadow.  My daughter kept tabs on her (too painful for me to do at the time).  I did know in my heart, she was loved and that's what matters the most to me.

We can't always control the circumstances around us, only how we react to them. In stating this, I realize it's only up to me to continue pursuing my dream of being a prosperous contemporary artist/teacher (and staying healthy while creating).  I have the access to material, place to work, and TIME to devote to studio work. (and workout for the other topic I've mentioned.....good health).

I hope all that read this post today understand where I'm coming from.  We all have our own paths to follow.  I'm ever grateful for the ones I've crossed.  Too philosophical this dance club music is playing (Paul VanDyke)....time to go workout , then hit the easel :D