Tuesday, March 4, 2014

....and another pic, showing progress.

~click image to enlarge~
I've made very little progress this past week on this piece.  Yes, A WEEK - 7 DAYS.....UGH!  I can't believe how I'm dragging this work out.  (In a way, I can .....I've mastered the art of procrastination. But, fortunately, that's not my only excuse this time for not being farther along here).   I've had other duties of being Mom, Housewife, Accountant....you get the picture of the other "jobs" that eat up time.

I've finished sculpting the lady's face, her top, and left hand holding the rifle.  What I find odd is, I'm right handed and tend to finish up the right side of a work and move leftward.  When I used to work exclusively in pencil, I trained myself to work left to right. (so not to SMEAR everything)  Now, I've fallen back to my old habit of the reverse.

How do any of you artists out there paint?  I never tire of the wonders of creating something. That's what gets me stuck on "Pinterest" too.  All the creative ideas......from beautiful/fantastically executed paintings, DIY projects, storage space ideas, and the current rage of makeovers using "Pallets". (...and YES...I have a few of those stacked in my barn :D  )

Well.....back to this work shown here.  This week is also going to be a slow process.  I'm thrilled I have commission work to do and have to meet a client today.  Time is a very precious commodity....gift....how ever you want to phrase it.  What I know about me is, if I have to run around doing errands here,there,everywhere.......by the time I get home, the energy to focus on painting  isn't there.  The trick here is to mentally "trick" myself to say I'm not tired :D