Sunday, March 9, 2014

Alla Prima Paint Out March 8th

Hard at work here!
As promised, here are more pics of the artists while working yesterday morning at the 

 Here above is what Marybeth (Betsy) Heikes worked on during the morning.  I love watching how she applies her watercolors....blocking in shapes with such rich, vibrant colors. 

Above, Deb Baughman shared wonderful new reference photos of her neighbors flowers.  She always finds interesting shapes.  Deb has a real talent for finding beauty where most of us would just overlook.

 Connie Morris always brings a fresh outlook to what she chooses to paint.  Here she showed her skill with composing her version of the photo she was working from.

 Carroll Michalek effortlessly  creates a stunning landscape with brilliant hues.  She applied all the colors using the same brush through out the painting.  I hope she posts this work on her blog.

 Here's the finished 6"x6" pastel I worked on during the day.  I started it with blocking in color  with gouache paints, then finishing the work with soft pastels.  As usual, I didn't think of taking pictures of the work in progress.  

 Above: Betsy Heikes and I taking pictures of each other taking pictures.
Jeanne Dixon, gallery owner, preparing the refreshment table for the artist reception that was 1pm to 4pm.
Overall, it was WONDERFUL sharing time with all these ladies and greeting guests that came to see the show during the  afternoon.