Sunday, January 26, 2014


So, Here is the final painting.  My husband didn't like the writing....I didn't like the end result either.  If I had it over to do, I would've made the sides white (like a photograph edge), add black corners like it was holding the photo in place in an old fashion photo album.  I would've left the writing in but made it smaller.

As it just didn't seem finished to me....either more needed added (which would've made it too busy) or this.....the end result.

After my hubby standing and staring for awhile, he said he wish he was back at that moment in time.  He also stated he wanted an Eagle painted in somewhere above the boat because they were always there fishing when he was. I feel better about this HUGE work and can ignore it .....MOVE ON TO NEXT PROJECT!
Back to working on 6x6 paintings.  Now I'll be using Pastel for the rest of the month.