Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Work in progress.....

36"x48" Oil on stretched canvas.
This is the project I started yesterday.  To the left.....6x6 paintings I've been doing for the 30 paintings/30 days Challenge.  To the right....storage area and table where I have an easel set up with another charcoal drawing started. (I took over the Dining room.  I have above easel and a wood easel always in place.  One for oil painting, the other for pastels.)

The subject of the large painting is an inspiration from a photo of my husband fishing in Washington State many years ago.  (before I ever knew him)  He came home from work yesterday and shook his head.  He knew I was going to do this, but wasn't sure he liked the idea of the writing along each side.  I thought it was a nice add on to the "story" behind the painting.

It reads......on the left, "May 31st, 1986, 30" Steel head.  Right side, Cowlitz River, Washington.
He has mounted his favorite fishing rods above our living room couch.  This will hang below them.  The room is turning into his "Man Cave" :D.  I'm allowed to hang out there too. (we have a small bungalow home)