Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Ready to Eat" #14 of 30P/30D Challenge

6x6 Oil on board

Okay....I'm ready to eat one of these slices.  I'm enjoying working with the color RED.  I suppose I should challenge myself with mixing other colors.

I have learned something valuable about myself with doing these small paintings.  As much as I'm trying to be loose with brushstrokes, I seem to consistently over work a piece.  It may not look overworked at first glance, or second.  My goal is to be more impressionistic in style and I continue to get caught up in detail.  In doing this, it increases the "time" it takes to create a small painting.

One hour is what my goal is for painting a 6x6 work.  It's taking longer then that for most of the work I've already posted.  I'm not done yet...halfway there and have the feeling I'll meet that goal at the end of 30 paintings. Wish me luck :D