Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Square #29

~ Click image to enlarge ~
I used 3 colors and white in this 6"x6" square.  The dominate color is Thio Violet with Permanent Green light and Cadmium Yellow Light as the other two.  Titanium White was used to mix into the other colors to create a lighter value.  I used a 3/8" Flat brush to apply the paint.
I've been reading "Mastering Color - The essentials of color illustrated with oils" by Vicki McMurry.  She writes about "Mother Colors" on pages 54/55 of the book (dominate color blended in all the other colors used in a piece will harmonize the work.)
She also shares on these pages examples of two color wheel mixes she created and talks about temperature and value of colors. 
Under a beautiful painting example on p.55 titled "Golden Hills", she has this brief insert......"Every color leans toward one of the primary colors. As you begin mixing colors, ask yourself if the mixture leans to the yellow, red or blue part of the color spectrum.  Understanding this concept, developing your observations and applying this knowledge will save you hours of struggling to find the right color.  A majority of the time, the solution to a problem  to adjust either the temperature or the value of color."
I have to admit, there are so many times I pick up a book and what draws me to it is the illustrations inside and seeing the writing is concise, to the point in a few paragraphs - not pages to read.  This book is filled with beautiful painting examples and  the information is precise, to the point.
The book is published through North Light Books