Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#16 of 30 Paintings/30 Days challenge

Mixing paint and trying out different color combinations with a limited palette the last 15 days has been one of the BEST exercises for me.   Did I say, mixing paint?

Yes...sounds like I've been really limiting myself.....but when working with color that is pre-mixed, it's easy to develop a routine of just picking up that stick of color (pastel sticks) or rich tube of paint and not pushing to try and do something different  with it other then making that one stroke on canvas or paper.

For me?...that's nothing more then laziness.  January is a good month for changing old habits.  All aspects of tweeking my work habits, ever so slightly,  is spilling over into "other" areas of my life as well.  Such morning ritual of French Vanilla Capaccino (Sugar! Sugar! Sugar!) before doing anything else.

Realizing the comfort foods aren't needed anymore , or at least I've cut back on .....(we're talking my capaccino and chocolate here.) confidence is rising.  I've tapped into that flow of imagination and wonder and look at my surroundings with brighter light.

In stating all this, I leave you with a quote. see painting square #16, click here:

"When you are on the problem, you stay in the problem.
  When you focus on a solution, you move forward toward something that is more in alignment with your passion and joy.
       Seek a solution of what is your passion....... we must be the change we wish to see in the world."