Monday, January 14, 2013

30 Paintings/30 Days #15

I've just posted #15 of my painting challenge. 
Check it out here:
Yes....I'm a day ahead !  (Too much fun to put the brush or palette knife down. )
So far, I feel this has been one of the BEST ways I've ever began a new year. 

For these reasons (and probably a few more).........
1.  I've dusted off reference books that have been sitting too long without my thumbing through them.  (Actually "reading" them....... doing more than just looking at the pictures.)

2.  I'm using different brushes for each square block I'm painting. (some have NEVER been touched).
This process is helping me decide which I really like and those I need to give to someone else to try.

3.  Re-visiting and discovering new color combinations of oil paints on my palette. 

Something I didn't think of before starting this challenge was how I've spent  more time working with the soft pastels and ignoring my tubes of oils.   In doing this, I've developed a laziness with how I choose colors for what I want to create.   Since pastels are already a set color stick, I've had no need to mix and play with different combinations I would normally avoid.

I'm excited about all I'm discovering and plan to create a body of work in 2013 that will be a real eclectic mix of different sizes, subject matter, and medium created in.
Now.....on to square #16 and Happy Creating!