Saturday, January 26, 2013

#24 30 Paintings/ Days

~ Click image to enlarge ~
6"x6" Oil on canvas
I've added the apple to the "Rainbow Mix" canvas.  If you're new to reading this, I'm following the 30paintings/30 days challenge that artist Leslie Saeta started at the beginning of this month.
What I'm getting out of doing this exercise will be valuable to me in creating other oil and pastel paintings.  Yes, even with pastels.  It's about lighting!  It's about color!  It's about values/tones!  It's about challenging myself to set aside thoughts of major work and doing something "quick- Just Because".
This may not make sense to some of you, but I'm banking most will understand.  I used to write a "To Do List" every serious.   I still have plenty of tasks to do through out the day, but challenging myself to just be free with a certain block of time is liberating.
So,.....about the work above (which I'm THRILLED the "browse" window is back working for me to download images here).....I used a #14 Filbert Monarch Winsor & Newton long handle brush.   A #14 is around 1/2" wide.  Because the brush is a Filbert (arched top), I was able to make a wide variety of strokes.  Still using one brush to create the alla prima square painting.