Sunday, January 27, 2013

Square #27 30Paintings/30 Days Challenge

~ Click image to enlarge ~
Oil on canvas....getting so close to the end of this challenge.  This square was painted with a 1/4" bristle brush. 
I liked laying on the paint with this brush, but it was difficult to create sharp edges.  Maybe if the work was larger than 6"x6" I could accomplish having more control with edge work.
Now on to finishing my 24"x18" canvas of squares.  There are 7 left to paint. A valuable lesson I'm learning about my painting's very difficult for me not to go for detail. Simplifying an object by using one stroke of color and it's value is harder for me then dissecting an area with all the reflections and different hues I see or imagine I do.  
I would recommend this challenge to anyone to try at least once.  Who knows? may discover a technique and/or more about composition by doing this.  So many ideas in my head....not enough time................does this sound like most artists you may know?  Maybe yourself? 
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