Sunday, January 6, 2013

30 Paintings/30 Days

Well....I'm having some difficulty with posting pictures here.  I've posted on my Facebook page 2 images of this project I'm taking part in.

Last count that I know of, around 250 artists are starting the new year with painting daily.  30 Paintings/30 Days.  The brain storm of artist Leslie Saeta.  You can read more about this project on her blogspot.

Go to my Facebook page to see the start of my work.  I've marked off 3 canvases size 24"x18" into even 6x6 squares.  Painting a square a day.  I'm sticking with a single Pear as still life subject. 

These are limited palette studies.....I'm playing with different combinations of cool colors , then warm colors on next canvas, and a mix of both on the final canvas.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to download the pics here.  I invite you to click the facebook button at the right and check out the work in progress.