Monday, November 23, 2015

"Strategy Meeting"

20"x 24" -Oil on gallery wrap stretched canvas

There's actually richer color on the right side of this painting then what this photo shows.  I think I had some glare when photoing the oil. I tried a do over and still wasn't giving the original justice.
 My reproduction skills are still a work in progress.

This is yet another in the Civil War reenactment series. These guys were having their own little "pow-wow" during the fight. eaves drop on the conversation....maybe discussing plans to hit the local coffee shop after they tied the horses up?  Hmmmmm more like  discussing plans  for supper.


  1. The color on the horses looks really good. Carlene finally has some competition in the 4 legged portrait department! I know what you mean about glare. It's hard to find illumination that is even and indirect.

    1. Yes, and Gin has done a nice job on getting the riders to sit naturally.