Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"Awaiting Orders"

Mixed Medium - 24"x20" stretched canvas

For future reference, I may have to take pictures of the acrylic wash I apply on the board or canvas before adding the oil painted subject matter.  The strokes of Burnt Umber color in the background aren't all visible here.  They help create the illusion of movement in the painting.  

I rarely paint on a pure white canvas.  I create some color wash and usually paint over the entire surface to cover it.  More  of my work of late seems to include the initial underpainted wash of acrylic or oil showing in the final piece.  Because this one was done with acrylic, and just as much surface shows as the oil paint applied after, I thought I should consider it a "mixed medium" work.

Subject? :  Another photo I took of the Civil War re-enactment in Keokuk, IA this past April.


  1. I think the very suggestive background works well. I tried to visualize the other animals and such being included and it seems like they would be distracting.

  2. The background really adds to the atmosphere of a battlefield.