Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Buckskinner's favorites!

18"x24" Oil on board + frame

I'll post another straight on shot of this work when I have one.  For now, this shows the finished work on the easel at the Iron & Lace store.

You can see the edge of the photo I was using as reference.  Again, I prefer working from life, but that isn't always a convenient thing for me to do.  So, I'm soooooooo thankful for the digital camera.  I'm discovering my new phone can take some pretty decent shots too.  ( I have a Nikon L830 I carry around too)


  1. It looks like the leather bag is pinned to a board and draping onto your easel!

  2. I was going make a similar comment about the leather bag. What a great effect you got there! It really looks like it's draped over the painting.