Monday, November 2, 2015

Among the Smoke

Oil on board and frame....18"x 26"

I'm not very good at "centering" a painting when photoing it.  This is obvious to see when I add the frame as part of the composition.  So, I apologize for the distraction of not getting straight lines here.

That out of the way...... as most my students and friends know, I like adding the frame to be part of the over all composition.  The next several works I'll be showing here will be done in this manner.

In April, I traveled to Keokuk, IA and was able to witness the last Civil War re-enactment  (after 28 years)  and was amazed with the numbers of  participants and size of the audience to this event.  The BOOM of the cannons was phenomenal.  I didn't know what to expect but now I see the draw to recreating a part of history.  I have abundant respect for those that are passionate about doing so.

This month, I'm scrambling to paint as many works with the Civil War theme as possible.  They will be part of the one person show in December at the Keokuk Art Center...hanging in the round room just off from the public library.

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  1. Very nice painting. Natural poses and a good composition.