Wednesday, November 25, 2015

At Rest

Oil on 20" x 24" Stretched Canvas

Here's the last of the Civil War themed works that I'm painting for awhile.  I accomplished to get 9 paintings done in the last 3 weeks.  That's a record for me, unless you count the small 6"x 6" daily paintings.  Most of the works I've been showing of late are 20" x 24" in size.  

I've used the same approach to detail in all....leaving them like a "vignette" style where I place no detail in the background, only on what I want the viewer to focus on.  Even that area is created with a "painterly" flare.  

One more thing....I have to thank artist John Preston for introducing me to  the Turquoise color.  I'm using Turquoise Light more and more in shadow areas of my work.  It was used in this painting on the horses.  Absolutely LOVE the color when I'm using earthy shades. 

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