Monday, February 9, 2015

Pretty in Pink!

Oil on stretched canvas - 10"x 8"
Yep.....most definitely thinking of warmer weather!  When I begin to paint flowers, my thought process is a given. I'M READY TO PLAY IN THE GARDEN!

I've been teaching (on going) an oil painting class at the Courtyard Gallery & Studio in Bloomfield, IA on Tuesdays.  One of my students asked specifically to learn to paint glass.  What I've shared with her is that I approach this material the same as painting anything else. ........don't let your mind trick you in just thinking "glass".  Look for the value ranges in colors and "record" what you actually "see" before you. 

Breaking any scene down in this manner gives you more of a likeness. ALWAYS a challenge for me is getting that curve of the bottle to look the same on both sides.


  1. Nice painting! I also struggle with the symmetry of a bottle, or anything for that matter.

    1. Oh Jessica, yes, symmetry of anything is a challenge but for "anything for that matter"? I think you are a wonderful artist! Your passion for an artistic life makes for GREAT company to be in! (I hope that makes sense :D I'm not the best writer....better learn huh? especially with blogging )