Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Oil Sketch......

Oil sketch on canvas board - 8"x 10"

Here's a break from my usual subject matter.  There's a "Life Drawing Group" that meets twice a month in Fairfield, IA.  There is one model for each session held.  The space is large enough that everyone attending has a unique perspective and lots of natural light to work from.

Pose sessions begin with quick sketch exercises.....starting from 30 seconds and going up to maybe 20 minutes.  Then a long pose for 45 mins. to 1 hour.

I used to attend these sessions years ago and I'm so happy they are still meeting now.  This was my first time back in say....5 years maybe?  Too long....I don't remember last :(

AND.....my first time using oils as my medium of choice for the long pose.  I used a flat brush for the entire work here.  Not sure the #, but I'd say approx. width as being around 3/8's? 

Proportions aren't exactly "correct" here....but this IS meant to be a study and I was pleased I captured how the light from the windows fell on this model.

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