Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life Drawing #2

11"x 14"  Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. Assorted Sauce drawing crayons + Blue & Brown soft pastel on primed board.

It's obvious which medium is which here.  I added the soft pastel around the figure to give it a bit more color.  This is a good example NOT to follow.  If you are going to do something like this, it's best to "blend" to  match the softness created in the figure.  

Now viewing this work on here, I find how I've left this undone,...... too distracting.  My eye definitely doesn't know where to land.  I've lost the importance of my focal point.  

 I may fix this, I may not.  Being the visual person I am, this would be a good example to share with my students when we talk about the importance of texture and edges. 

My critique:    The color in the background of this sketch doesn't compliment the subject.  It would have if I'd softened the application of pastel with my fingers.  Here it shows the texture of the substrate (surface)....making IT the focal point, not my subject. The figure is like a "bystander".  "Okay, there's something curvy in the middle that is white/off white.....Yawn".

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