Friday, March 6, 2015

Different Landscapes....

I'm sharing info on two pastel paintings I did this week.
 ~ click on image to enlarge~
"7:00am" 12"x 16" Soft Pastel

The above work was created by adding layers of pastel with no "blending" with my fingers.  Just letting the layers of pastel do all the work of creating form and atmosphere.
I also didn't attempt to fill in all the surface of the paper, allowing the texture of it to be part of the finished work.

~click on image to enlarge~
"Morning Glow" 12"x 16"  Soft Pastel

This work  is created on the same primed board as the painting above.  The only difference is I used my fingers to blend (smooth out) the pastels over the surface.

Now, I'm asking for a vote of which style you, the viewer, prefers.

It would've made this easier had I used the same composition for both paintings. Yes, I had a "duh" moment here :D

"Morning Glow" is a view from an East window of our home in Pulaski....just as the Sun is rising. 
"7:00am" (first image here) was created from a picture I took while driving toward Bloomfield one morning last week.    
I love how the sunlight casts bright light at a certain time of the morning.  How it is cut off,
 so to speak, by the horizon line, and makes the top of things "glow" in contrast.

So, I'm anxious to hear which style you like best....Blended? or Not Blended?


  1. Although both are very nice compositions, I like the style of the first one better. It is just a personal preference. I do admit that my favorite style has changed though the years. Ask me again in 5 years.

  2. I prefer the not blended one, totally personal preference!

  3. These are both really great but the subject matter greatly effects the choice here. The skyscape looks amazing blended but I'm thinking it would be tough to get the texture of the grass and trees in the not blended one. Here's an idea for a tie breaker, try a composition where you use both techniques. :-)

  4. I agree Jessica...I have another "skyscape" in the works. I'm going to try it both ways & post it next. That will make a better challenge for people to vote on. Personally, I feel the ground work is easy to leave unblended. It's capturing the sunrises and sunsets that will be a challenge for me. I can't help but want to blend the blues and oranges I see.