Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fun with students

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Here are a few photos that have been taken of students at two of my classes.  This first one is of the oil painting group that's been attending the once-a-week classes this winter at 

Here's a close up of Jeanne Dixon working away.  She's the owner of the gallery/studio.  Jeanne is best known for her high end fine jewelry which she showcases in the gallery.

Below are a few pictures taken at the most recent pastel workshop held at the Art Center in Kirksville, MO.

Here we're discussing the value range in Meg's work.

Yep...this student was "slightly" aware of the camera, but truly absorbed in his work.

I often hold a students work back for them so they can view it from a distance.  Most are amazed and pleasantly surprised at their handwork.  (it ALWAYS looks different from a distance then when up close and focused on a small area.)

.....and last  is the instructor (me, Me, ME :D ) showing my approach to applying pastel to my primed surface. Yes....this is the Lammert Paint Box & Easel I'm working off of.  

Here are dates for upcoming one day pastel workshops....

March 28th - Fort Madison Art Center, Fort Madison, IA
May 2nd - Courtyard Gallery & Studio, Bloomfield, IA
May 16th - Edina, MO (FULL)
July 11th - Pastel 1 & 2 - Villages Folk School, my studio in Bentonsport, IA
July 25th - Underpainting & Pastel - Villages Folk School, my studio in Bentonsport, IA

I offer a 3 hour - 5 hour - 2 day (12 hour) workshop in either soft pastel or oils.  I also offer tutoring for one or up to three people as private instruction.
Currently there is an on going oil painting class offered at the Courtyard Gallery & Studio in Bloomfield,  This once a week class may be joined at anytime.

For more information about classes or wanting to schedule a workshop, please contact me via email through my website 

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