Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Love Glass Glass Glass.....

Here's the work set up......I LOVE MY NEW PAINT BOX & CANVAS HOLDER!!!
(for more information on this set up, please email me.

Yes, I'm working from the computer monitor.  I need to invest in a tablet so I can truly be mobile.  The pics I print off just don't look the same.....not as vibrant as what I can view from the monitor.  Of course, the BEST solution would be to work from life.  That, unfortunately, can't always happen.  I'm thankful for a good camera. :D

Here shows where I've established the basic composition and started adding my value range.  The canvas board has a slight tone ( light value range).  I just find it hard to work on white. 

Okay.....lights and darks added....check!

....and the end result.  

 "Bottle Study #2"  10" x 8" Oil on canvas board