Monday, September 15, 2008

Mid Day in Southern Iowa

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8"x10" soft pastel on 100% rag paper
Status: Sold

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98% of this painting was completed with my left hand. My signature is just about the only thing done with my dominate right hand. I can write with my left, it's just easier with the other hand. This piece is the beginning of a series of landscape images of Southern Iowa. I tend to work on landscapes and still lifes more in the fall of the year, portrait works during the spring and floral/garden pieces during summer. Yes, I jump around in subject matter but I believe I stay consistent with the quality of work I do in each category. I also move back and forth from Pastels to Oils. Painting with a brush is something I haven't tried yet with my left hand. That will begin this week. I love the saying......"Where there's a Will, there's a Way."

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