Sunday, June 19, 2016

"Open" sign

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Oil - 14"x 11"

This is the sign that lets everyone know the Iron & Lace store in Bentonsport, IA is open for business.  Betty Printy (the Potter and owner) has a variety of plants growing along the side of the porch and building.

I'm using colors Raw Umber, Prussian Blue, and Turquoise light on my palette these days.  They weren't "standards" for me in the past but I've grown to like the mixes I'm coming up with more and more.  Here's my current oil palette:
Cools:     Naples yellow (optional since white and yellow ochre does the job)
                Yellow Ochre             Ultramarine Blue (optional)      Turquoise light
                Alizarin Crimson        Prussian Blue
Warms:  Cadmium Yellow Light        Cadmium Red Light       Venetian Red
                Raw Umber
Titanium White and Ivory Black

I use Naples Yellow a lot to mix in colors to get a lighter value.  White mixed with Naples Yellow and sometimes Cad Yellow light make my "whites" .

I also check a painting's values by removing all the color.  The image here shows this process before I adjusted the "shadow" area to match closer to what the actual painting looks like. 

 I always have to double check the images I take with my camera.  They either come out really washed out or on the "blue" side when I photo artwork outside.  

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  1. Love the cast shadow in the lower right foreground !