Thursday, June 9, 2016

Oil Class Outside!

The Martin's backyard became the meeting place for this past Tuesdays oil class group in Bloomfield.  We couldn't ask for better weather.....and such concentration on everyone's part.  They are all used to painting indoors from both set up still life's and photo reference material.

For me, this was a treat to share with them why I enjoy working outdoors.  I think they were all surprised at how fast and how well they created a work.  It's a whole different experience then working indoors. It's all about the Light!!!!

 I'm not sure I have converts to painting exclusively "Plein Air", but the experience went along way in helping them understand the different challenges and rewards of painting surrounded by nature verses in a controlled environment.

Enjoy the photos here!  I became busy myself so forgot to take pictures of everyone.

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