Saturday, October 18, 2014

SE Iowa Studio Tour this weekend

Street sign so everyone can find me :D
This is the Herman Greef House.  Built in the early 1800's, it's one of the oldest brick homes in the community of Bentonsport, IA
Here's the view when walking in the front door.  For this weekend, I've transformed the main room and parlor of the home into Studio/Gallery space.  
To the right of the front door is this view of the parlor area./ gallery and reading area.  
A BIG Thanks goes out to my artist friend, Deb Baughman, for allowing me to use her ProPanels for the weekend.
Now, here's a view from the parlor area looking into the main room.  Next we'll go around the corner to see the goodies on the kitchen island.

And.....last, but not least, a few fun Christmas Tree ornaments I worked on today.  Tomorrow I'll have my oil paints out so I can work on a 12x12 canvas for the  Fairfield Art Association show that will open November 7th.

The SE Iowa Studio Tour will continue tomorrow (Sunday) 12noon to 4pm.  Come and see me!