Thursday, February 7, 2013

Final Canvas titled "Rainbow Mix"

~ Click image to enlarge ~
Here's the final group of 6"x6" squares for the "30 Paintings/ 30 Days Challenge" that was given by artist Leslie Saeta  in January. 
I marked off three 24"x18" canvases into 6"x6" blocks.  Each canvas held 12 squares.  "Rainbow Mix" was created using a full palette of "Warm & Cool" colors.  I also used a wide variety of brushes I own (some I forgot I had) and painted one square totally with a narrow palette knife.
You can see all the squares, along with the finished canvases, together on my website Artwork pages.  ( I didn't start posting the very first works...but there are plenty squares  side-by-side to enjoy the view.)
This challenge was a GREAT way for me to start the new year.  I would recommend doing this exercise anytime if one feels in a creative slump.  Just trying to make the same subject matter interesting over and over...and over .....makes for a challenge in itself.